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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum by François Lellorquis, Marquis de Malmady concerning the troops in his regiment
Malmady, François Lellorquis, marquis de
Volume 15, Pages 509-510

-------------------- page 509 --------------------

1 Bryant McCullers Sergt.
2 Amos Wheeler Sergt
3 Charles Johnson Corpl.
4 Bolen Liphot Corpl.
5 Charles Lane
6 Richd. Lane
7 John Myatt
8 Russell Jones
9 John Mallaby
10 James Tate
11 Thos. Wilmoth
12 Thos. Driver
13 Jehu Orr
14 Charles Cardin
15 Abraham Lumbley
16 Ezekiah Utley
17 John Humphries
19 Benjamin Pullum
19 Elijah Pope
20 Joseph Ward
21 Nicholas Atkins
22 Elisha Raiby
23 Traves Johnson
24 James Lewis
25 Michael Tedrick
26 Ephraim Williams
27 David McCullers
28 Andrew McKleroy,
29 Reubin McKleroy
30 John McKleroy
31 Ford Butler
32 John Hunt
33 William Ambrose
34 Robert Humphries
35 Benjamin House
36 Nimrod House
37 Joseph Gray
38 William Wheeler
39 John Armstrong
40 Runnell Allen
41 Thomas Barns
42 Robert Martin
43 Frederick Beesley
44 Sion Perry
45 Gideon Allen
46 John Pool
47 Robert Johnson
48 William Hazewood
49 Roland Williams
50 Griffin Hazewood
51 James Sexton
52 Samuel Sexton

Ezekiah Uttley quitted camp without the leave of any officer and went home with a pressed horse, which he never returned to the public; he sent fifteen days after his desertion a substitute whom I would not accept, but he remained in the regiment for his own tour.

Ephraim Williams quitted camp without Leave & Sent immediately after a substitute, which I accepted, if the commanding of the district would indulge it; the substitute had a conditional discharge.

-------------------- page 510 --------------------

John McKleroy lost his horse and had a public one—better in some respects.

Robert Humphries had a public mare.

Nimrod House ditto a mare.

William Ambrose had a horse pressed.

MALMEDY, Colonel Commanding.

I take the Liberty of recommending strongly Capt Wood as a very orderly & spirited officer. I should consider as a particular favour, if that deserving company could be Entitled now, to certificates for their due pay.


Alexander Boling Light horse in the company of Capt Patterson quitted camp without Leave of any field officer, a week after the rendezvous of the regiment & never returned.

Thomas Greene Light horse in the company of Capt Patterson Orange county quitted camp without the Leave of any field officer and returned to the regiment but 3 Weeks after.

John Herndon, Light horse in Capt Herndon's company, Orange county quitted camp without the leave of any field officer & never returned.

John Watson, a Light horsei n Capt. Moore's company, Orange county, was sent with a letter of Public Service, he went home with out delivering the Letter, & never returned.

Henson Utter a Light horse of Orange county quitted camp without the Leave of any field officer.

MALMEDY, Colonel.
Commanding the Regular.

July 5th, 1781.
Wake Court house.

Colonel Malmedy has reported to Colonel Taylor two other men whose names he does not recollect; Colonel Taylor is requested to give their name and delinquency to his Excellency the governor.


Capt. Herndon was requested to take a pressed horse from a man of his company as soon as arrived at home, he will be pleased to give an account of him to the quarter master.