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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hardy Murfree to Jethro Sumner
Murfree, Hardy
July 08, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 516-517


Dear General:

I recd. your favour of the 20th June and observed the contents. The Canvass the refugees will not consent to be taken, and I believe it is not to be had now. I heard it was carried into Virginia some small time ago. The stores I will send to Col. Long for the use of the Continental Troops of this State.

I saw Capt. Hall some small time ago who informed me he had only rece'd 19 men from the lower Counties in this district, but

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expected to receive them from Chowan County in a few days. I am told the drafts are not yet made in some of the Counties.

Capt. Hall has received orders from Col. Lamb mentioning he had your orders, to receive the drafts from this district. I understood you at the time I was at your house, and from your orders to me, that I was to receive the drafts, and that Col. Lamb was not considered as belonging to the army, since the arrangement took place. I should be much oblige to you, to inform me whether Col. Lamb is considered as an officer at this time, or not, as he and myself both has your similar orders to receive the drafts from this district.

I have received orders from his Excellency Governor Nash to return all the Sugar and Coffee Impressed to the owners, except one Hogshead Sugar & 250 lbs. Coffee, which I think will be a verry small supply for the army. I can purchase a quantity of Sugar and Coffee, for the State if I had orders.

I am Sir your Mo. Hum. Servt.,

Murfree's Landing, 8th July, 1781.

N. B. I have Inclosed a Return of the stores impressed, and have mentioned it to the present Governor that I can purchase Coffee & Sugar for the State; if you think it will be wanting, and can procure the Govrs. orders I will purchase it immediately.

H. M.