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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jethro Sumner to John Baptist Ashe
Sumner, Jethro, 1733?-1785
July 14, 1781
Volume 15, Page 533

-------------------- page 533 --------------------

Camp near Salisbury, July 14th, 1781.


You are to take charge of the detachment ordered to join head Quarters in South Carolina and proceed with all convenient marches by the rout of Charlotte with the stores of the Brigade, and other stores for General Greene sent on by the D. Q. M. Genl. of this State; on your arrival you are to take charge of all the Continental Troops of this State there now under the command of Major John Armstrong, and incorporate them, as of the first Regt. of the four regts. of Continental Troops, of this State. You are to demand a return from Major Armstrong of the Drafts &c. recd. of the District of Salisbury, and arrange them to the first, or to many as will complete the said Regemt. to its proper number including the deserters of the district recd. a return you will make me of the Regiments, the the number of officers wanting, non Commd. fifes, drums & privates that such deficiencies be ordered as will complete ere we begin to form the second Regiment as soon as possible. I shall get equipped, another detachment and march to Head Quarters where I hope to find you well.

I am Sir, wishing you agreeable expeditious march to the Genl. Camp.