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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Burke to Francis Locke
Burke, Thomas, ca. 1747-1783
July 18, 1781
Volume 15, Page 551

-------------------- page 551 --------------------

State of North Carolina, July 18th, 1781.


Some late movements of the Enemy in Virginia seem to threaten us with a rapid march of a body of Horse through this State. I request you therefore to collect as many riflemen as you can from the draughts you have raised to join General Greene, if they be not already marched, and order them under the most active and expert of your officers to move on to the Crossing places on Dan and Staunton rivers, in order that we may take advantage of these waters. If the draughts be already marched, I beg you will call out as many good riflemen as you can from the Counties in your district and direct them to march towards the above mentioned rivers as fast as possible. The service which they can render may be very essential and the time which they may be out must be but short, however they shall have Credit for it on a future Tour. I know your People will not stand at present on trifles and you may be assured I will have Justice done them. Should the Enemy move towards the above waters I will come up to meet your men, and dispute the passes with them. Should they attempt crossing lower down I will send up for your aid. Let me beg of you sir, and every friend to his Country, to be diligent, and if possible let us check those ravages. Should I find the Enemy's Intentions not to be on this State, I will immediately send orders for the men sent by you towards the above rivers, to return to the army under General Greene, if they be from the draughts, or to return home if other Militia.

I am Sir with respect your very obedt. St.,

You may assure the men, should you call them out exclusive of the draughts that they shall be discharged in one month at farthest, if they require it.

Coll. Locke, Commandant of
the district of Salisbury.