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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Loftin to Jethro Sumner
Loftin, William
July 20, 1781
Volume 15, Page 555


July 20th, 1781.

Dear Sir:

After my best respects to you Do inform you that the Tories is embodied on Deep River and doing very much mischief. Fanning is their Commander who is about 400 strong. Col. Balfour marched against them on Wednesday last with 75 men, but finding their number superior to his was obliged to retreat without attachment. We are raising our men fast as posable both in this County and Randolph But arms and ammunition is very scarce, especially lead. Capt. Hill and Capt. Williams came to my house last night from Col. Balfours Camp who says they marched within half a mile of the Tory Camp & by the best accounts they can gather they are at least 400 strong. On Tuesday last the Tory captains in Chatham called a general muster & ordered every man out to join Fanning without delay, & the Tories from the several counties are marching to him very fast. They are distressing the people very much near where they lay. So that the inhabitants in those parts will without immediate assistance be obliged to remove or fall into the hands of the villins. We hope Sir that your Honour will take it to consideration & send us assistance as soon as possible. If you can send us 200 men I think we shall be able then to attack them. You may send your men to Randolph Court House which is the place we shall gather at. Pray Sir if possible furnish us with some lead.

& much oblige your hum. Servant,

N. B. Sir if possible send your men to the place appointed by Sunday night.