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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Rowan to Thomas Burke
Rowan, Robert
July 20, 1781
Volume 15, Page 559


Campbleton, July 20th, 1781.


When we were in fear of the enemy visiting this place last Winter Mr. Fletcher lent me a valuable waggon & Team, his own property, to send some military stores to Genl. Lillington's Camp on N. E.; but Col. Bryan of Neuse unluckily meeting with the waggon on its way down, contrary to his duty (for we had orders from the Governor for sending the military stores to Genl. Lillington) turned the waggon back, and ordered the load to be delivered to Genl. Butler; by which means Mr. Fletcher lost his valuable waggon & Team. Mr. Fletcher now waits on your Excellency in hopes that you will be so good as to put him in a way of recovering the value of his waggon, that he may be enabled to purchase another; as from the nature of his office, it is impossible he can carry on his business without. Col. Emmett will acquaint your Excellency with the news of this place.

I am, Sir, With much respect, Your Excellency's
Most obedient Servant,
Govr. Burke.

P. S. The scarcity of paper is such here that it was with difficulty I could procure even this scrap.

Written on the back of this letter in Gov. Burke's handwritting is the following:

Mr. Fletcher's remedy is by application to the auditors with his acct. and vouchers.