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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Gideon Lamb to Jethro Sumner
Lamb, Gideon, 1741-1781
July 22, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 562-563

-------------------- page 562 --------------------

Dear General:

So soon as my circumstances from the movements of the Enemy in our Quarters would admit I came on and the day before yesterday arrived at this place with about 54 rank and file and 4 or 5 Officers, which Capt. Goodman can inform you has been collected with much labor; And pursuant to my orders from your Honor I left Capt. Hall in Edenton in order to receive the rest due of the Militia draughts and Lieut. William Ferebee in Genl. Gregory's Camp in order to receive and collect what he can in that quarter, and to move them on so soon as he can receive further orders.

Major Murfree and all the other Officers in that district I have ordered on; the Major urges his having charge of some public stores and cannot come on untill he delivers them, &c., &c.

And in regard to myself I have with much difficulty and no small expence, came on this far tolerably well equipped, in order to take the field, expecting to have the command of a Regt., but at my great surprise when I saw at the Governor's, Mr. Adam Boyd yesterday, found that Col. Thaxton's misrepresenting the arrangement of the Troops to Genl. Greene was the occasion of your receiving orders for calling into service Col. Armstrong and myself, &c. That General Greene has since been fully informed of the nature of the arrangement by Major Dixon and satisfied of its being properly done. And that protemporary it is to stand accordingly. That Col. Armstrong and Col. Thaxton has gone home. In course there is no command for me, I shall therefore return.

General Sumner, I should think it certainly kind of you to inform me by a line so soon as convenient the nature of my present station respecting the Army in consequence of my being reduced by the arrangement made last January, whether I am liable to be called on duty at any time shortly or not, for its not only expensive and very disagreeable, but a great disadvantage to me for to remain under my present situation. It seems neither to be in the service nor out of it, puts it quite out of my power to attend to public or private business. Pray let me know Where, Who, and What I am.

With Abner Lamb I send on my tent and Camp equippage with

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my Waggon and Team. As the troops cannot march without it I have another Waggon and Team, Col. Long informs me in your Brigade, have given Abner Lamb orders to take her also in his care. I will thank you to have them put into the same Regt. or core to which Abner may be assigned, that he may the better see to having them repaired by which means they may render the public more service. I have the hire of the Waggon (now with your Brigade) due from the 23rd of January last. And this Waggon which Abner brings up with him, from the first of July Instant. Captain Goodman can give you all the News from this Quarter, and that I am doubtful of getting home, hearing the enemy is with a strong party of light horse, pushing for that Quarter. I left your house on Thursday last, had the pleasure of seeing Mrs. Sumner & all your children hearty and well. Mrs. Sumner's and Children's love to you, and she desired me to tell you that she found herself in a much better state of health than when you left her, and that all were well at home.

I shall at all times think myself highly honoured to have the pleasure ot receiving a line from General Sumner and beg that he may not forget me in his leisure hours.

In the mean time I heartily wish you a successfull and happy Campaign.

With much respect, I have the honour to be
Your Mt. Obd. Humb. Servt.,

Camp Col. Hawkins.
22 July, 1781.