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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Coor to Thomas Burke
Coor, James, fl. 1737-1795
July 25, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 572-573


Newbern, 25th July, 1781.


Agreeable to your orders I have called on the trading Gentlemen and others in this place for arms and military stores, but have not yet been able to procure any.

The Guns, powder and lead lately imported in the prizes was sold before I returned home, mostly in small quantities and carried off. Mr. Henry Vipon has in his care about six hundred wt. of Lead and

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sixty or seventy pounds of powder belonging to the public which I believe is all we have here. Mr. John Jones of this town, merchant, is gone to Washington on Tar River where some prizes are lately arrived and if any Military Stores will let the public have them on the Credit of your Letter to me. Mr. John Easton, at Beaufort where prizes often arrive has also promised to procure for the public any arms and ammunition which are at or may be brot. to that Place. I shall in case of any Arrivals here endeavour to purchase agreeable to Orders and when I hear from Colo. Easton, and Mr. Jones if any purchases can be made shall inform you thereof.

Any further orders which you may think proper to send me will be received with pleasure and strictly observed by your Excellency's most obedt. Servt.

Copy of my letter pr. Colo. Jos. Hawkins.
Govr. Burke