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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Josiah Parker to Allen Jones
Parker, Josiah
July 26, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 574-575


Camp Isle of Wight, July 26th, 1781.

My Dear General:

I am honored with yours of yesterday and rejoice to hear Governor Burke is making the necessary exertions. The cannon you heard was announcing the arrival of Lord Cornwallis at Portsmouth. I was below Suffolk yesterday and find the British have no post this side Suffolk. The Lt. Infantry, Rangers, 43rd and 76th Regts embarked and yesterday was in Hampton road no doubt bound to New York. A strong garrison will doubtless be kept at Portsmouth and I believe the balance of the Enemy's force will maneuvre up the bay, unless they should be called to the South. Their intention

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was not to stir during the months of July and August but necessity will force them into action. New York is closely beseiged and I have reason to hope a naval force in Chesapeak to our assistance, the British fleet has been drubd in the West Indies. Genls. Wayne and Morgan is at Goode's Bridge, and I believe will be here unless a necessity for them your way which I trust will not be the case.

I am going to France in a vessel I have fitting at the Pitch landing, she will be ready in about six weeks. The Marquis honors me with dispatches and should your State wish anything negotiated that way I shall be happy in being honored with the trust. My being brought up to business, my knowledge of war added to letters from the Marquis may put me in such a point of view as to be able to negotiate a loan, or be otherwise serviceable to North Carolina, should you deem it a matter of moment you will of course, represent it to your honorable executive for their consideration. If they take it up I shall be honored of course. My principal clerk is a German well acquainted with the European as well as the American tongue which may farther my services, as I carry him with me. Being up reconnoitering last night added to my repeated disturbed situation hardly leaves me at liberty to write common sense indeed I have been in such a disagreeable situation, have not yet collected my ideas and will of course apologize for this scrawl. With great esteem and respect, I have the honor to be your most obedient and very humble servant.