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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Daniel Williams to Jethro Sumner
Williams, Daniel
July 27, 1781
Volume 15, Page 578

-------------------- page 578 --------------------

Granville C. House, July 27th, 1781.

Dear Genl:

This being the third time I wrote you informing the reason of my not joining your Brigade agreeable to Captain Doherty's request, my property though small lies very much in the power of the enemy, and I have every reason to believe that they will make their next rout through that neighborhood and make a 2nd. destruction which would put it out of my power to continue in service, and therefore make a third request to be no longer considered as an officer in the Continental Line, and hope some gentleman of superior abilities will be preferred to the Honourable rank and do justice to U. S. than was in my power.

I have heard it hinted that I disobeyed orders by not joining your Brigade a second time in S. C., in the year 1779. Having it so much in my power to clear that part of my conduct that it gave me no concern, for your and other friends satisfaction, I enclose you a copy of my order which you gave me, wrote by Major Eaton, (which I now have). My best wishes to you and brother officers praying for all your returns Crowned with Lawrells, I am with respect, Dr. Genl.