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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Samuel Chapman to Jethro Sumner
Chapman, Samuel
July 1781
Volume 15, Page 586

-------------------- page 586 --------------------


[Date and first two lines torn off.]

be here in a few days since which I have never heard a word of him. I have this day sent an express to Hartford County to know if I am to expect him shortly or not, and whether there will be any more men sent from that quarter to this place. If there should not I shall endeavour to send what men I have by Lieut. Clarke, who I am informed is exchanged.

I have at this time between sixty and seventy men, all of which are fit for duty excepting four or five. Those sick men that were left with me are chiefly recovered. I wish I could say the same of myself. I still continue very unwell, and must request your permission to return to Newbern, (after I have sent these men on to Camp) either to superintend the military affairs of that district or to retire wholly from the service.

We have been alarmed here a few days past occasioned by the Enemies crossing on this side James River. A party of their Horse were within thirty miles of Taylor's ferry, on attempting to cross a swamp they were fired upon by a party of our men, on which they retreated with the loss of two officers killed said to be Captains one Qr. Mast. Sergeant and two Privates.

(Torn out)

were in that County, and were to be at the Court House last Monday. I am told that the Tories have taken Captain Ramsey and a number of the leading men in Chatham, and have carried them off. I have got all the public Stores in Waggons at this place and shall move them off in case of danger.

I am with great respect Sir,
Your Most Obedient humble servant,