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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Barnwell to Thomas Burke
Barnwell, John, 1748-1799
July 30, 1781
Volume 15, Page 587

-------------------- page 587 --------------------

July 30th, 1781.


I transmitted to your Excellency A few days ago A letter which I received from Major Butler & should have done myself the honor of writing by the same Opportunity, but flattered myself I should have had an opportunity of seeing you, but despairing of this now, I take the liberty of addressing your Excellency in behalf of myself & distres'd Companions, whose inclination leads to South Carolina, but without your friendly assistance will find it impracticable, as we have been despoiled by an injurious & ungenerous Enemy, of the only means of furnishing ourselves in A State we have not the pleasure of being acquainted.

General Caswell whose politeness will forward this acquaints us that A number of horse are to be furnish'd General Greene from this part of the Country. Should your Excellency think proper, we will esteem it A lasting Obligation, to entrust them (at least A sufficient number of them) to our Charge as far as the General's Camp. I have the honor of being with the greatest Respect Your Excellency's

Most obed. & most Humbl. Servt.,