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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Munford to Thomas Burke
Munford, Robert
July 30, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 587-588


Cedar Hall, Sunday, July 30th, 1781.


Agreeable to a Resolve of Congress, I have procured a man to serve in the Continental Army During the war & have a Certificate from a Continental Officer for an Able Bodied Soldier. On my Being Drafted in the last Draft of the Militia I applyed to Collo. Benton who told me he could not Determine whether I was Exempted or not & Refered me to your Excellency.

I told Col. Benton that whenever the State was Invaded and the whole Militia ordered out then Every one having Procured a man

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or not must turn out, but not liable to be Marchd. out of the County or State.

To your Excellency's Better Judgement I Beg Leave to Refer the matter. Beging pardon for Troubling your Excellency at this Busy time which nothing but my being a stranger in the State & wishing to be put Right Could Induce me to do. I have Chearfully paid my part when classed & am Still willing to do it as well as to Comply with all the Good Laws of the State. An Answer will be Esteemed as a Honor done

Your Excellency's Most obedt. Humble Servt.