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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Burton to Thomas Burke
Burton, Robert, 1747-1825
August 02, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 591-592


Thursday, August 2nd, 1781.


Your Excellency will please consider of the several matters herein contain'd, and give such orders thereon, as you in your wisdom shall think best.

I am yo. Ex. Hble St.,
RO. BURTON, Q. M. G. N. C.

-------------------- page 592 --------------------

Ist. The Quarter Master at Salisbury will be in want of Militia Men for sundry purposes such as repairing Arms and Waggons, Shoeing Horses, Making Cartridge Boxes, Canteens, Saddles, Pack Saddles, Bullet Moulds, Ladles, Axes & Spades, making Shoes and covering Cartridge Boxes, a few men will also be wanted to make up Cartridges, and to make Soap and Candles in case persons more proper can't be employed, two or three Labourers will be necessary to take care of Horses and attend the Publick yard. You'll be pleased to order the Commanding Officer Salisbury District to furnish the above.

2nd. By an Act of the last Session of Assembly the Sheriffs of the different Counties are directed to deliver the confiscated Waggons to the Quarter Master. Please Order whether they be deliver'd to the State or Con. Q. Master.

3rd. As many Horses are wanted in the Quarter Master's department would it not be better for the Confiscated Horses to be deliver'd to the Q. Masters and such only sold as not fit for use.

4th. There were about 20 Waggons taken from the Tories and British in Action, would it not be right for the Q. Master to collect them and put them into the Service of the State.

5th. Genl. Davidson's Brigade was furnish'd with Waggons, Horses, Camp Kettles, entrenching Tools, &c. Those Articles have never been return'd to any Pub. Officer. Please Order Genl. Davidson's Brigade Q. Master and other Staff Officers to account for above Articles to the Q. M. at Salisbury.

6th. Please impower the Q. Master at Salisbury to take into his possession all the Horses taken at Ramsour's Mill and other places from the Tories which Genl. Rutherford Ordered to be converted to the use of the State, and that Capt. David Caldwell be Order'd to Account with the Q. Master aforesaid for all the Horses of that description which he had in his Militia Troop of Horses last fall.

7th. Clerks will be wanted at the most Considerable Posts.

8th. There are a number of Arms in the hands of the Continental Q. M. at Salisbury which are unfit for Con. Troops. By making application to Genl. Greene I have no doubt but he would consent to their being given up to this State, on the United States being Credited for them, if this could be done and the Arms repair'd they would be servicable in the hands of the Militia.