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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Burton to Thomas Burke
Burton, Robert, 1747-1825
Volume 15, Page 594



Agreeable to your Excellency's directions of 1st Instant, I now lay before you an Estimate of such Requisites as will be necessary for Equipping Six thousand Men for the Field. The Procuring those Articles will cost large Sums of Money. Your Excellency will therefore please put into my hands Such Means as will procure Such of them as are to Come Through my Department. You'l please order Six men from the Militia to go to the different districts within the State, to procure Lists of the Taxable property from the different Counties as I shall at Sundry Times be in want of men from the Militia for purposes that does not now occur. You'l please Order a number not Exceeding . . . . to be Furnished me by the Commanding Officer of the different Districts whenever I shall have Occasion to order them out. I am your Excellency's Most obt. St.,

RO. BURTON, Q. M. G. N. C.

Please direct what measures are to be taken to procure Timber for Waggons, &c.

R. B.

(Estimate Enclosed.)

6,000 Knapsacks, 6,000 Haversacks, 500 Shovels. Thread for making Cartridges, Tents and Wagon Covers, &c. Cordage for Horsemans Tents & Markers. 300 Espontoons for the Officers, 120 Drums & 120 Fifes. Bayonet Belts are not used as the Soldier keeps his Bayonet fixed on all occasions. 6,000 Pickers and Brushes, Horsemans Caps 300, 300 pair Boots, 300 pair Spurs.