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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Benjamin Williams to Thomas Burke
Williams, Benjamin, 1751-1814
August 23, 1781
Volume 15, Page 621

-------------------- page 621 --------------------

Halifax, August 23rd, 1781.


Your Excellency's Orders of 23rd Inst., with the Commissions for the officers of the State Regiment I have the honor to have before me.

It is my earnest Wish that those Gentlemen I am honored with the Command of should be immediately conveyed, to effect which I am inclined to think not less than twelve Horsemen may be necessary. But upon reflecting that the Gentlemen reside in all Quarters of the State a Doubt arrises whether they can meet, so as to again rendezvous the eleventh of next October.

Upon looking over the Law for raising State Troops, I find no provision for officers Cloathing, Tents, Pay for the Army, no way pointed out by which Colours, Drums & Fifes, Camp Kettles, necessary Tools, Waggons & Teams, are to be obtain'd. In the Arrangement of the Officers I see no Chaplain, Surgeon, Muster Master, or Commissary appointed; Offices I hope your Excellency may Judge necessary.

In the present Position of the State, could recommend Warren or Granville Counties a fit Place to rendezvous the Regiment.

With great Respect I have the Honor to the your Excellency's
Most Obt. Humble Servt.,
His Excellency, Govr. Burke.