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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Barclay to Thomas Burke
Barclay, John, 1749-1816
August 25, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 622-623


Philadelphia, 25th August, 1781.


Since your departure from hence Congress have done me the honour to appoint me to the execution of the public business in France which was intended to be transacted by Mr. Palfrey, who embarked from hence for L'Orient last December, but he unhappily has not since been heard of. Before I set out, which I suppose will be in two or three weeks, give me leave to make to you and to the State of North Carolina an offer of any service in my power during my stay in Europe. The supplies from France for the United States generally will fall under my directions, but perhaps your State may have demands exclusive of those given me by Congress, in which Case you may depend I shall always think myself honour'd in Attending to them. I sincerely Congratulate you on your appointment to the Government and wishing you all the success that your

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Virtue deserves, shall only add that I am with great respect & esteem Sir,

Your Excellency's Most Obed. Servant,
His Excellency Governor Burke of North Carolina.

Any Commands addressed for me at L'Orient will reach me unless prevented by Accident.