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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Instructions to Drury Smith concerning the impressment of supplies
Nash, Abner, ca. 1740-1786
Volume 15, Page 625

Capt. Drury Smith, is Charged with the Superintending of Such Fisheries, on Roanoke, in Virginia, as he may on my letters procure, to be Impressed for the Publick Service. Men properly Officered will attend to work the Seines. They will draw the Publick Magazines, provisions and Spirits & such of the men as may be Coopers, together with such Coopers as can be procured in the Neighborhood of the Seins, are to be Impressed in that Way. The latter are to Confide that the Assembly of this State will make them an Ample Allowance for their Services. Capt. Smith will also procure in the Credit of this State all the Casks he can. Genl. Person will send down Fifty Bushells of Salt & this will Serve till a Further Supply Can be Sent on. 'Tis hoped that the Magistrates on my Letter, will Immediately take Proper Measures for Securing the Seines wanted. As Soon as this is done Capt. Smith will send on the letters for the Commanding Officers of Granville, Caswell & Warren Counties that there may be no loss of Time for want of men. As fast as the Fish are Cured & Barrelled a proper person will be Charged with the Transportation of them To the Army. All Capt. Smith's Expences will be Allowed & a liberal Compensation made him for his Services.

The above is a Copy of the late Governor's Instructions to Capt. Drury Smith; in consequence of which Instructions Capt. Smith Borrowed near two Hundred Bushls. Salt of Genl. Person & others, 1781, Augt. 25.

RO. BURTON, Q. M. G. N. C.

The Gov. does not see in the within any thing that constitutes a specific charge against the Executive of the State. The persons who wish redress must apply to the Genl. Assembly or must send in their Account to the State Auditors.