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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Hogg to Jethro Sumner
Hogg, Thomas
August 28, 1781
Volume 15, Page 628


Halifax, August 28th, 1781.

Dr. General:

When I arrived at this place, agreeable to your instructions, I acquainted General Jones and the Colls. of the district the Busnis I was here on. I have bin here three weeks and have received but twenty men, as for Clothing not one suit, the Governor is here and has promised to oblidge them to do there duty. Coll. Armstrong has about fifty. I expect them here every hour, as soon as they arrive they will be formed in a Company & marched to join you under the command of a Capt. & two Subs. Robin Christy sets out this day with six Hogshs. Rum & a quantity of Sugar, Coffee &c., for you. Dr. General I beg leave to recommend Capt. Day, the bearer of this letter to you, he is one of my Brother Sufferers from Naderill's Point. We have abundance of news for which I refer you to Capt. Day for. I am dear General with the greatest respect your

Most obedient & humble servant,