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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Person to Thomas Burke
Person, Thomas, 1733-1800
September 10, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 640-641


Goshen, 10th Sept., 1781.


The Militia that are now Ordered out under the Command of Colo. Taylor I am Inform'd are Required by him to serve three Months, tho' they find their own Horses. I heard Several of them & I make no doubt but all will say so that they will go out on foot first. Should that be the case, then would it not be Better to have Two Months Service on Horse back upon the Occation, as I understand it is Intended they shall March out against the Tories. Taylor has Ordered them to Rendezvous at Harrisburg on Wednesday next. If you Chuse they should be Mounted on Horses for Two Months on this Occation Your Excellcy. Could order Taylor Accordingly by Wednesday.

The Virga. money & Continental money I let you have the other day you mentioned you were not shure you Shoud have occation of or Make use of. If you have not applyed it, as I have a Pressing Call for the half of it, I should be Very Glad to Receive that part or the whole; the mendm. relative thereto I shall soon Transmit you. I hope you will Call upon me as you Return from Hills.

I lent the Public fifty Eight & ½ Bushls. Salt for the use of the Fishery which is to be delivered me at Goshen. Can't you order it so that I can get it by Ordering the Quarter Master or Some person else Intrusted with the Public Stores to pay it to me. I have a Resolve of the Genl. Assembly for 55 Bushls. in part of it, but

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am no Nearer getting them before I obtained the order on Bignal & Hawkins. Your favour will add one abligation to Many Confer'd on Sir.

Yr. Obd. Hble. Servt.,
Govr. Burke.