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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Archibald Lytle to Jethro Sumner
Lytle, Archibald, 1730-1790
September 17, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 643-644


Camp Ashley River, 17th Sept., 1781.


Accompanying this is a Return of the Detachment of the N. Carolina Troops at present under my Command and it is the first Opportunity since my being in Camp. I am requested by the Officers to inform you their Sentiments respecting the Proposed Arrangements of the Line. That each officer wishes to continue in Service in preference to being omitted on half pay. I am more particularly solicited to Request that prior to the Day of final arrangement all Vacancies be filled. By the Resolutions you will be

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the Judge whether Officers Prisoners of War are excluded or not. I am at a loss to know if the Soldiers for a less term than 3 years or the War are to be included in the proposed arrangement. Suppose those and no others Our Line will be small there Being no more than 76 here for the War. 'Tis generally believed the Enemy will evacuate Town in Octo. I flatter myself we will have the pleasure of your company before we take possession. Doctor Blythe proposes that all Senior Surgeons to him be continued in preference to him Agreeable to ye Act of Congress. 'Tis my Opinion and I believe that of the Officers that should a Senior Officer retire it shall not be Optional with him to be admitted to the first Vacancy Superior to his Grade.

I am Sir with real Esteem, Your Most Obedt. Sert.,