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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jethro Sumner to John Armstrong or Thomas Hogg
Sumner, Jethro, 1733?-1785
October 10, 1781
Volume 15, Page 649


Shocco, Oct. 10th, 1781.

Dr. Sir:

I have it in charge that all the troops of the 12 months, &c., be under proper Officers, immediately sent to Camp Southward under General Greene. You are, therefore, desired with such force as you have collected to order on to join the Brigade at Head Quarters without loss of time. Should they be supplyed with arms & Ammunition their route by Hillsborough may be effected. Otherwise, it would be advisable to take their rout by Caswell Court House to Salisbury where they would meet with supplys. All officers of the Fifth and Second regiments, as they lately were arranged, are ordered to repare to Camp to take Charge. (Such as are exchanged are to understand the meaning of this order). A return if possible of those Exchanged to be made me, with their rank & date of Commissions, as 25 Officers against six are consenting that the late Fifth and Sixth Regiments be drafted in the four Constituted. I suppose this method will be generally approved of. You will let me hear from you ye number collected and the probability of any further collection being made by drafts, &c., of Halifax and Newbern Districts.

With esteem, yours, &c., I am, Dr. Sir,

N. B. Should you not have officers of the First and Second Regiments you are then to order on such others from any Regiments.