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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from W. Forbes to Jethro Sumner
Forbes, W.
October 18, 1781
Volume 15, Page 658


Edenton, 18th Octo., 1781.

Dr. General:

I am sorry to inform you that its not in my power to join my regiment, on account of my indisposition of body, and as I cannot at this period expect or even ask any indulgence I rather choose to resign my Commission, than give a real cause of censure, tho' I can assure you its with the utmost reluctance I do it, but as its the effect of necessity and not choice I flatter myself to meet with your approbation so far as to admit it. My attachments to the Continental service I still and ever shall retain but finding by demonstrative proofs, my constitution greatly impaired, my habit of body most exceedingly bad, and a constant fever for above twentydays successively, I can scarcely sit up to write, I therefore by the advice of Col. Dixon have taken it upon me to address you by letter (as he did not care to determine on matter of this kind). Hoping that if there's no alternative you will please to accept of this as my resignation, as I've not a Commission and my certificate I forgot to take along with me. Tho' should you not think proper to accept of my resignation, and that there was a real necessity for my appearing personally at Head Quarters, I should with great willingness join as Quick as able to ride, and continue Charles Town Siege out if not the War.

Viz: If I join in reasonable time and continue well, If not to be dealt with according to your great prudence, for further satisfaction I refer you to Col. Dixon, and remain

With due respect your most humble servant,

P. S. Should be glad Dr. General to hear from you if convenient.