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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Abner Lamb to Jethro Sumner
Lamb, Abner
December 15, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 672-673


Dear General:

As my Father1 is just dead its with the greatest regret immaginable I have to inform your Honor (if my wound would permit, which I am afraid will not for some time,) 'twill not be in my power to join you perhaps for eight or ten months. Having been appointed by my Father's Will an Executor to his Estate, which is in some confusion that may detain me longer than I expect. As he was confined to his room, Five Months, by a billious fever which carried him off this unhappy stage of life the Eighth Nov. last, to (I hope) some of these Celestial and Blest Abodes, filled with all these pleasing and delightful scenes, that tend to immortal happiness, prepared for the reception of true Patriots.

The little time I was with you I assure you, (Dr. Sir,) gave me

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very great satisfaction & should take much more at this time, the place and Country appearing loathsome, desire nothing more than the pleasure of being under your command.

I should be extremely happy if it were possible, to be stationed for sometime in this District, to apprehend Deserters, &c., & receive from the different Colonels of their respective Counties such men as have not already been received.

For I flatter myself I should collect such a number as would give you, Dr. General, satisfaction, as a number of young Gentlemen offer their assistance, & many if a post could be established down where I live, would return to their duty.

The provision hitherto for supporting the Army at North West River has been somewhat scarce. Fortune smiles on us with a plentiful harvest, & there's not the least to be doubted, with respect to a want of necessaries to support 500 men Twelve Months in this County. If convenient I should thank Your Honor to inclose an Order (if I obtain leave to act in the manner above mentioned) on the Commissioners and Commissaries, to Draw provisions as well here, as on the march to join you as I intend after collecting a Number sufficient to proceed on with them if you please.

As I have fully informed you of the situation of affairs in our family 'twould lay a lasting obligation on me if (agreeable to my Father's Will) you'd have my Waggon discharged, & sent Home on to Halifax by some safe Hand, & I'll greatly acknowledge the favor & refund all Trouble and Expence.

I shall wait your further orders, & be in suspence till I receive a line from Your Honor which would give infinite satisfaction, & I should know in what manner to proceed.

I am Hond. General,
With all humility & Expressions of
Respect and regard,
A. L.

Edenton District, Mount Pleasant,
15th Dec. 1781.

P. S. As I have no News, & live in a corner of the World to itself be so kind as to insert the news.



1 Col. Gideon Lamb.—Ed.