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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Hill to Samuel Johnston
Hill, William, 1737-1783
November 28, 1773
Volume 15, Page 681

-------------------- page 681 --------------------

Port Brunswick, Nov. 28th, 1773.

Dear Sir:

The want of a proper opportunity prevented me from sending you the half yearly amount of the emoluments of the Naval Office of this Port, at the usual time; but I hope the increase of fees, in an annual return herewith inclosed, will prove satisfactory, and induce you to overlook my tardiness. I have the pleasure to inclose to you Mr. Quince's bill on Lane, Son & Frazer, of London, for one hundred and thirty pounds Sterling (properly indorsed) which at 80 pr. ct. exchange exceeds your proportion of fees 24/6 prvc. money, & this will be to your debit in our next account.

Sent by Mr. Dry to Mr. Johnson at Newbern.

N. B. Mr. Johnson was Naval Officer of N. C. vid Lett. B.