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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Hill to Samuel Johnston
Hill, William, 1737-1783
November 16, 1775 - December 15, 1775
Volume 15, Page 682

-------------------- page 682 --------------------

Port Brunswick, Nov. 16th, 1775.

Dr. Sir:

You will herewith receive an acct. of the fees taken in the Naval Office here from the 8th of Nov. '74, to 3rd Nov. 1775, amounting in the whole to three hundred and twenty one pounds & twelve shillings prvc.; & after deducting my com. at 25 pr. ct. there is a ballance due you of two hundred & forty one pounds 4/ which I now enclose you with Mr. F. Nash's receipt for the same.

I wrote you a few days ago by Col. Howe acquainting you with your suspension from the Naval Office & of Mr. Neilson's appointment to it, which in the present stagnation of commerce must be advantageous if not agreeable to you.

I am Sir with esteem, your most humble servant,

Dec. 15th.

The above letter with its accompaniment (the cash) was intended to have been sent a month ago, as you may perceive by its date; but no good conveyance has offered since except by Mr. Harnett yesterday. I hope it will now be acceptable to Col. Nash.

I am Sir yours as above.

(From W. Hill Letter Book in my poesession.—G. McRee.)