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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter to Richard Richardson
No Author
December 03, 1775
Volume 15, Page 684

-------------------- page 684 --------------------

Salisbury, 3d Dec, 1775.


Various flying Reports and imperfect Accts. from your Province informs us that your Affairs wear a very Serious Aspect. I procured to be dispatched an Express from this Place to you last Tuesday in Order to gain Intelligence And to inform you of our Chearfulness in the American Cause, and our Readiness to assist you, from this District of N. Carolina. Somewhere about 500 of our Men were then on their March towards 96. My Express was stopt by Col. Polk & Col. Martin & sent back with a Request to Col. Rutherford, of Rowan to raise new Recruits and follow them.

Col. Rutherford has Since exerted himself and expects that on Monday next he will be on his March at the Head of 2 or 300 Men.

The Provincial Council chosen by the Congress of this Province will meet at Johnston Court House on the 17th Instant. Being a Member of that Board, I have tho't it expedient and have prevailed upon Mr. Thomas Craig to wait upon you, and to bring whatever Intelligence you shall think proper to communicate to us. Mr. Craig will return before the 17th and lay the same before us in Council.

Mr. Craig has exerted himself as a Warm Friend to the Liberties of America. He hath been employed as a Sub-Clerk of the Congress and of the Council and I am well assured of his Fidelity.

Wishing you Success in your Measures to support the Liberties of America & inforce, establish Peace & good Order in your Province,

I am most Sincerely, your Friend & Obt. Servt.,