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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Affidavit of James Henderson concerning the loyalist statements of William Moore, including related affidavit by James Coburn
Henderson, James
March 29, 1776
Volume 15, Pages 687-688

Tryon County, North Carolina, 29th March, 1776.

Personally appeared Before me the Subscriber one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Said County, James Henderson, and Made Oath that about the End of November he happened to be at a Meeting at the House of Robt. Alexander when the Said Alexander as a Captn. desired of his men to go out into South Carolina to the Assistance of Coln. Richardson against the Insurgents against American Liberty there, When Wm. Moore, Esqr., Came in Company & did all he Could to Dissuade the People from Going and told them that they had no Surety for their Pay, and when he was told that Coln. Graham would be Obliged to be Surety for their pay, he Replyed that Coln. Graham was no Coln. and that they had no right to Give Commissions that Gave him his Commission; and that there was no Regular Congress held at Hillsborough, but that they were a Pack of Rogues and Ruining the Country, and likewise told the People who would have Enlisted as minute men that he Could not See how they would Come at their Pay as there was no Regular Committee of Congress, and thereby prevented the People from Enlisting and also in talking Said that Coln. Martin was a Rogue and a Fool and Ruining the County by Virtue of his present Proceedings as a Coln, for Liberty and told the People that if they took none of the Publick Money they would have none of it to pay.

Sworn and Subscribed before
Me this 29th of March, 1776.
David Jenkins, J. P.

At the Same time Came James Coburn and made Oath according

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to Law that he was Present when Wm. Moore Expressed himself as is Within Mentioned and Saith upon his Oath that he heard him Express himself in the Same Manner as he is Charged Within in Every Particular Except that wherein it Mentions that the People Said that Coln. Graham would be Surety for men's Pay.

James Coburn.
Sworn and Subscribed by said Coburn
Before me at the Same time
of the Other Oath was taken
David Jenkins, J. P.