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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Affidavit of Arthur Graham concerning the loyalist statements of William Moore
Graham, Arthur
March 30, 1776
Volume 15, Pages 688-690

Tryon County, North Carolina,
March 30th, 1776.

Personally appeared before me the subscribers one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said County, Arthur Graham, & made Oath that in November Last Col. Wade appointed him to Recruit or inlist a Company of Minute Men in the County aforesaid and that he applyed to James Coburn to assist him as the said Coburn Appeared to be a true friend to the Cause and well acquainted with the people and that Coburn informed Graham that if William Moore had not Discouraged the People it appeared as they Could have made out a full Company. As the Company Could not be made out said Graham the first Opportunity writ to Col. Waide and Osburn that they might apply for the Company Else where, also that Moore might be taken Care of some time. After said Graham fell in Discourse with Capt. Alexander and he informed Graham that Col. Osburn & Col. Martin had examined about Moore's Crimes and that Moore had no need to blame him for making a Discovery on him for he had favored Moore, but he knew worse on him than they enquired of him. Graham begun to upbraid Alexander for not telling the truth. He told Graham he was not oblidged, as he was not on his Oath. Graham Doubted as he had writ Alexander could be an evidence, he had put them past taking Care of Moore by keeping

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secret on him. Said Graham also Did apply to Alexander to take Care of Moore but could not prevail. Next he sent to the Committee of the County, as Graham was informed they sent him word to meet a few Days after at Capt Hamright's with the evidences, as they had appointed seven of the Committee to enquire into the truth of the Charges as Graham let them know in his petition they need not Dispute the Truth of his Crimes if they brought Alexander and some others to their Oath, Graham and they Evidence waited on them, but as it appeared to Graham no evidence was troubled; after the Committeemen met they went up to the Loft, and also Moore, said Graham was informed that as Coln. Graham and Alexander was with them as they appeared to take Moore's part they would smother Moore's Crimes and for Graham to go up. Graham went up and Moore was setting with them. They appointed William Alston for Commissary; after having their Resolved made and signed, they Read it, Moore being sitting with them, one of them moved he was an older Settler and might as well have the Commissary place. Graham hearing Moore proposed for Commissary, came forward towards Col. Graham as he sat as Chairman and enquired if Moore had acknowledged to the Charges laid in against him and satisfyed the Committee. He Give him little or no satisfaction but Signifyed they was in two much hurry to mind about Moore's Charges, and after a little put him in Commissary. Maiger McClain would not agree to let him go in Commissary until he would signe a few lines which was produced; said Graham supposed the lines might be the test.

I do hereby Certify that I Saw Arthur Graham offer to Prove this Instrement of Writing, and David Jenkins put him off by Saying that it was a Charge against the Committee as Well as William Moore.


March the 30th, 1776.

I, the subscriber, do hereby Certify that as evidences that was appointed Did not appear to prove these Charges, that with the advice of one of the Committee I myself had them Drawn up to prove. George Ruthledge, James Ruthledge, James Coburn, James Henderson & James Graham can prove these Charges with others

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to Greater satisfaction than they are here Recorded. One or other of these persons is acquainted with every particular of these Charges Certifyed by

Arthur Graham.

March the 30th, 1776.