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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of John Ross Dunn concerning the charges against him
Dunn, John Ross, d. 1783
July 27, 1776
Volume 15, Pages 690-691

South Carolina.

John Dunn, Attorney-at-Law, late of Salisbury Town in North Carolina, personally appeared before me the subscriber, one of the Justices assigned to keep the peace for the district of Charles Town, and being first sworn upon the holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposeth that the accusation wherewith he stands charged by William Kennon & Adlai Osbourn, Saml. Spencer and others of, and concerning his being inimical to American liberties, and of his holding of correspondence with Gov. Martin of North Carolina and other government officers, and acting and doing other matters and things to the prejudice of the people of North Carolina in particular and America in general is false and without foundation, and further declareth on his Oath aforesaid that he has not at any time heretofore directly or indirectly wrote any letter or letters to Governor Martin or any Crown officer, or their agents or any person whatever of or concerning the present disputes between Great Britain and the American Colonies, neither was he privy to any letters being wrote or sent by other persons on that account, neither did he ever write, dictate, or cause any petition, Remonstrance, plan or scheme either for himself or other person or persons, nor has he at any time been privy to any combination or meeting of any number of People whatever in order to oppose or frustrate the views or designs of the Americans. Neither has he at any time aided or assisted in any of the above schemes nor has he ever been solicited by any person or mode on that head but once, which he then positively refused that of drawing what was called a petition and would not, and further, that he never exhibited nor read to others nor even so much as carried about him a certain paper called a protest, nor wrote or caused to be wrote any copies thereof, nor tendered such to be signed by others, neither has he at any time set his name to any other paper Remonstrance or petition other than the paper mentioned

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in the foregoing state of facts mentioned in this paper, but whatever his private opinion of sentiments may be with regard to those matters he has not acted at any time directly or indirectly by any act of his or other's deeds to the prejudice of the common laws.

Sworn & subscribed before me this 27th day of July, 1776.