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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Samuel McKenzie to Thomas Burke
McKenzie, Samuel
April 05, 1777
Volume 15, Pages 698-699


Baltimore, April 5th, 1777.

Dr. Sir:

I wrote to you a few days ago by yr. boy but had it not in my power to send him by the conveyance, I expected as some of the passengers had not the Small pox. I hope to be able to send him this morning.

We have nothing but confusion in this place. They have settled the Rank of Officers in such a manner that most of them have resign'd, I mean such of them as are worth retaining in the Service. I sincerely wish some method was fallen on to redress this Greivance.

I have had a great deal of Trouble in procuring Medecines for the Hospitals but have succeeded beyond my expectations. In my Absence Mr. Griffith did not supply the people with proper necessarys. He drew upon me for what Cash I could spare and afterwards quit Acting without giving me any Reason or settleing his accounts. I have appointed Mr. Vashon of this Town to help me as Quartermaster for the Hospitals. I'm convinc'd he'll do his duty.

A Major Daves who arriv'd here a few days ago has ordered his men to March from the Hospls. without my orders or a Proper

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Discharge. If any thing should happen to the men he's to be accountable. I shall send you an account of all that has been transacted in my Department in a few days.

I am Sr. yr. Hble. Servt.,