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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum concerning officers of the third North Carolina regiment of the Continental Army
United States. Continental Army. North Carolina Regiment, 3rd
April 14, 1777
Volume 15, Pages 699-700

Halifax, Apl. ye 14th, 1777.

Agreeable to Orders the Officers of ye 3rd Regiment of No. Carolina Continental Troops met at Mr. William Martin's in Order to Settle the Rank of said Regts.

The Several Officers being Calld. on to Ascertain the Number of

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Men enlisted by them agreeable to a resolve of Congress Held at Halifax, Apl. ye 2d, 1776, it Appeared to us that Jacob Turner is entitled to the first Captaincy, Pinkr. Eaton 2d Do., James Emmits 3rd Do., William Barrett 4th do., Thomr. Granbury 5th, Wm. Brinkley 6 Do., John Gray 7th Do., and Daniel Jones 8th Do., which was Agreed to and Signd. by Each of them in Presents of

Wm. Linton,
John Granbury,
Jas. Turner,
Pinkr. Eaton,
James Emmet,
N. Edmunds,
Thos. Granbury,
Christs. Lackey,
Joseph Clinch,
Daniel Jones.

The Officers then proceeded to recommend such Persons as they thought proper to fill the vacancies of Said Regt. and place them in the Several Comps. Accord. to their rank.

Jacob Turner, 1st Capt.
Kador Ballard, 1st Lieut.
Jos. Montfort, 2 Do.
Antony Hart, Ensign.
Pinkr. Eaton, 2d Capt.
Jos. Clinch, 1st Lieut.
William Linston 2d Do.
John Clendinen, Ensign.
James Emmet, 3rd Capt.
Math. Wood, 1st Lieut.
Etheldrig Dance, 2nd Do.
Charles Coleman, Ensign.
Thomr. Granbury, 4th Capt.
John Medires, 1st Lieut.
John Morphes, 2 Do.
Jethro Benton, Ensign.
William Brinkley, 5th Capt.
Geo. Bradley, 1st Lieut.
William Faun, 2 Do.
Jonathan Butts, Ensign.
Daniel Jones, 6th Capt.
John Granbury, 1st Lieut.
William Rushworm, 2nd Do.
Reubin Yarborough, Ensign.
James Bradley, 7th Capt.
Christopher Lackey, 1st Lieut.
Henry Vincents, 2d Do.
Charles ONeal, Ensign.
Nickolas Edmunds, 8th Capt.
Edward Yarborough, 1st Lieut.
John Tillory. 2d Do.
Mathew Goodrich, Ensign.

Whitfield Wilson is recommended as Quarter Master in the room of John Tillory.

Signed and Agreed to by
Jacob Turner,
Pinkr. Eaton,
James Emmet,
Thos. Granbury,
Daniel Jones,
Jas. Bradley,
Nicholas Edmunds,
Jos. John Clinch,
Math. Wood,
G. Bradley,
John Granbury,
Christ. Lackey,
Edward Yarborough,
Jos. Montfort,
Wm. Linton,
E. Dance,
John Morphes,
Jno. Tillory.