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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Council of State
North Carolina. Council of State
December 01, 1778
Volume 15, Page 717

State of North Carolina.
At a Court held at Kingston, 1st Dec. 1778.
The Honorable Joseph Leech, Esqr. Member.
Robert Bignall, Esqr. Member.
John Simpson, Esqr. Member.
William Bryan. Esqr. Member.

The Governor informed the Board, that heretofore a considerable of the Soldiers who were sent to the aid of South Carolina against the common enemy had been by the Continental Officers suffered to leave their respective Regiments and inlist in the States of South Carolina and Georgia whereby this State has been much injured not only in the Bounty advanced to such Soldiers, but also in making up her Quota of men in the continental Service.

The Board taking the same into consideration

Resolved—That the Governor be advised to direct the Commanding Officer of the Troops, now marching from this State to the aid of South Carolina and Georgia, not to suffer any Militia Soldier, under his command to inlist whilst on the present expedition in any Continental Battalion not raised in this State; nor in such as were raised here so as to leave the Militia Service until the present Expedition is over, without the express Leave of the Legislative or executive Power of this State.

Resolved, That the Governor be advised to direct the commanding Officer, now going to the aid of South Carolina and Georgia to continue his Militia in the service of said States agreeable to a Resolve of Congress, for five months from the tenth Day of November last, the time they were directed to assemble unless they shall be sooner discharged by the Officer commanding in the Department. And that it be understood the said Militia shall be continued in actual service unless discharged as aforesaid, until the tenth Day of April next when they shall be allowed to return, and obtain pay for a resonable time, to march to their respective homes.

A true copy.
JOHN LOWRY, Dept. Secy.