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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the North Carolina General Assembly concerning payment of North Carolina troops in the Continental Army
North Carolina. General Assembly
May 15, 1779
Volume 15, Pages 740-741

(From Legislative Journal.)

State of North Carolina,
In the General Assembly,
May 15th, 1779.

Resolved, That every officer of the North Carolina Continental Troops, who by a resolution of Congress of the ———— day of ———— shall be entitled to receive half pay, during seven years after the termination of the present war, the half shall be continued during the life of said officer, that the articles hereafter enumerated shall be delivered to the officers and solidiers of the North Carolina Line at the prices annexed: West India Rum at 8 s per gallon, Muscavado sugar at 3 s per pound, coffee at 4 s per pound; tea at 20 s per pound, chocolate at 4 s, hard soap at 2 s per pound, tobacco at 1 s per pound. That every officer of said troops except such as shall resign shall annually during the war be furnished with a compleat

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suit of Regimental Uniform, at the price at which it might have been purchased at the commencement of the war. That the land which shall be granted within this State to the officers and soldiers serving in the troops of the State in consequence of a resolution of Congress, September 16th, 1776, shall be exempt from taxation whilst they continue in the possession of such officers and soldiers and before alienation thereof made and not after.

That widows of the officers of said State in the Continental service who have died in the service since the commencement of the present war, or who may die during the continuance thereof, shall be entitled to half the pay which their husbands were respectively entitled to, while in the service during their widowhood.