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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Howe to Henry Laurens [Extract]
Howe, Robert, 1732-1786
October 09, 1778
Volume 15, Pages 766-767


Charles Town, October 9, 1778.

“I am just this moment informed that a motion has been made and carried in the Committee ‘that I should be recalled from hence;’ that to add to the anxiety which I must feel at being called away when Service is likely to progress here, the motion for removing me was made by a Member of Congress, immediately preceeding those for Troops to be sent up to the support of this place; as if I was not worthy of being employed where Honor was to be obtained. Think, Sir, the undeserved mortification I must feel upon an occasion like this. And can Congress suffer it to be inflicted upon me! Have I not sacrificed my Fortune and peace to the Service of my Country! Have I not, by the most unwearied diligence and with a zeal which at least has some merit, attended to the duties of my Station, and by my every effort endeavored to do my Duty! And shall I, after being kept against my wish from the scene of immediate Action, be recalled at that moment when this Country is likely to become the Scene of it? How, Sir, have I deserved this disgrace? I am conscious I have not, therefore can never believe that Congress can consent to sacrifice so faithful a servant. Upon you, Sir, I rely, upon your friendship I call, to avert from me so

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unexpected, so undeserved, and so inexpressible a mortification and disgrace, which, from my inmost Soul, I assert I have not deserved,” etc.