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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Advertisement by Martin Armstrong concerning a pardon for loyalists in Surry County
Armstrong, Martin, d. 1808
October 1780
Volume 15, Page 124

No. 3.

State of North Carolina,
Surry County.

Agreeable to an order of Council of the Officers present in Camp at the Shallowford, October 19th, 1780, I hereby give this Public Notice, Requesting and Commanding all those deluded people in the Cot'y of Surry who have been Concerned in the late Insurrection and taken up arms against their Country, in Open Violation of the Laws thereof, to Come to Richmond on or before the first day of November Next and Deliver up all their Arms, Ammunition, Shotpouches, Horses, Saddles, Bridles, &c., which they or any of them have taken from the good people of the said County, or had in the field of Battle at the Shallowford or elsewhere; Give Security for their Good behavior, be Subject to Such Other Rules, orders and Regulations as the Commanding Officer shall think Requisite for the better Security of the Lives and properties of the peaceable Inhabitants of said County and the Service of this and the United States; then and in such Case I promise to make Use of my Influence with the General Assembly of this State to Obtain for all such A pardon.