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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Bond for performance of military service [Blank]
Armstrong, Martin, d. 1808
October 24, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 125-126

No. 5.

State of North Carolina,
Surry County.

We the Subscribers do hereby Acknowledge Ourselves fairly and Duly Inlisted into the Service of the State aforesaid for the Space of Three Months or Longer, at the discretion of the Commander-in-Chief, from the date hereof, or from the day that we shall Rendezvous where the Commanding Officer shall direct; to be subject to such Rules, Regulations, orders and Restrictions as the Soldiers of this State are now bound to Observe, hereby acknowledging due and full Satisfaction from said State in Consideration of our Inlistment. We Likewise Obligate Ourselves to March into any of the United States of America, and with freedom join any State or Continental Regiment that the Commander-in-Chief

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may think Requisite for and During the time aforesaid; and for the Due performance of the same we hereby bind each of ourselves Seperately in the Sum of Ten Thousand Pounds Currency, to be paid to his Excellency Abner Nash, Esqr., Governor of the State aforesaid.

In Testimony whereof we and each of Us have hereunto Set our hands and Seals this 24th Day of October, 1780.

Acknowledged & subscribed to Before
Colo. Surry Regt.