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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Return of supplies at Halifax
Potts, Joshua
February 15, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 197-198

[From Executive Letter Book.]

February 15th, 1782.

At present, in charge of Colonel Nicholas Long, D. Q. M., viz:

1st. Commissary’s Stores in care of Jesse Potts, Commissary of Issues:
One hundred and eighty Gallons of Rum procured for the use of the Post.
Thirty Bushels of Alum Salt.
Five hundred pounds Corn Meal.
Twenty Pounds of Coffee.
Three hundred pounds Salted Pork, 138 of which is due to Colonel Long.
One hundred and fifty pounds of Brown Sugar for the use of the Post.
2ndly. Military Stores, &c., in care of Thos. Davis, Keeper of Public Stores:
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One large barrell and one small of Gun powder, amounting gross weight to 438 lbs., supposed Tare 84 lbs., computed net weight to three hundred and fifty-four pounds.
About two-thirds of a barrel damaged Gun powder, weight, 170 lbs. gross, supposed Tare 35 lbs., computed net weight, one hundred and thirty-five pounds.
Three Boxes containing two hundred and thirty-four dozen cartridges.
Two hundred and fifteen pounds Iron Balls of 2 and 3 pounds weight each.
Twenty-five pair large and eighteen pair small Wheel Boxes.
One thousand and eight pounds Bar Iron.
One hundred and two Canteens, fixed with Straps.
Two hundred and twenty-three canteens not yet strapped.
Three and a half Bolts Canvass; amount, one hundred and thirty-one yards.
Forty-one and one-half yards Homespun Linen.
Six Shirts Homespun Linen.
Ninety-three pair White Frieze Overalls.
Twenty-three pair Coarse Woslen Netted Stockings.
Sixty-seven Wool Hats.
Troy weight, Twenty-six pounds ten ounces sewing silk of various colors.
Eleven Black Worsted Stocks.
Eight dressed Deer skins.
Nine raw Deer skin.
Four bags, amounting to two hundred and fifteen pounds Net, Shot.
3rdly. Forage in care of Edward Frost, Assistant Storekeeper:
Thirty Bushels Corn.
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