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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Rosser to Roger Griffith
Rosser, Joseph
February 28, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 210-211

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Tuesday Night, 10 O’Clock, at John Montgomery’s,
February 28th, 1782.

Dear Major:

Send me all the assistance you can, for I saw the Tories at sunset

-------------------- page 211 --------------------
and was within one minute of firing upon them, only they took a road that I little expected or else I should have given them a blast. As they were at Mr. Montgomery’s, I expected they would go from there to Mr Wilcox’s but they did not go there, but went back and crossed at Dowd’s Mill where I followed them. Their number is superior to mine at present, but by the cruelty they have used by cutting and plundering the inhabitants where they go, I am resolved to lose my life in the attempt, whether you reinforce me or not, but hoping to God you will consider my case and send me all the men you possibly can and all the powder and lead you possibly can.

It is expected that Fanning is raising men fast. You will send the reinforcements to Mrs. Nall’s as quick as possible or send me a letter to let me know what I have to depend on, for I shall be there to-morrow night, I expect. I wrote to you this morning, but I knew nothing then to what I do now. It would make you almost shed tears to see the barbarity of them wherever they go.

I have rode my horses almost to death this day after them which I must rest part of to-morrow.

From Your H’ble Servt.,