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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Pasteur to Thomas Burke
Pasteur, Thomas
April 17, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 288-289

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hillsboro, April 17th, 1782.


In consequence of this morning’s conversation I must beg leave to represent the situation of the officers of the Line of North Carolina who have been excluded from any part of the supply of clothing sent to the Camp by Captain Doherty.

Those gentlemen whose names I left with your Excellency, two only excepted, did receive a supply of Clothing while prisoners at Hadrill’s Point, being in the greatest necessity for it and entirely destitute of an opportunity of receiving supplies from their private interest or friends.

They landed in Virginia, one excepted who landed in this State, without money or any conveyance for themselves or baggage to their State, and to my knowledge a number of them were obliged on their landing to sell part of their clothing in order to enable them to proceed to their respective homes, and to discharge the bills of Taylors and washerwomen.

I make no doubt but that the whole were under the same necessity which must reduce their supply to a very inconsiderable proportion.

Captains Mills and Jones, who were prisoners at Charlestown,

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have lately joined Camp and justified themselves before a Board of Officers for not joining sooner.

They have been excluded from any part of the said clothing because they were not in the Camp at the time Captain Doherty was sent to the State for the supply.

Those gentlemen who are now in Camp and conceive themselves iujured appointed me to wait on your Excellency, to remonstrate in their behalf, and at the same time if I could have the power vested in me to forward them on what supplies I could obtain from your Excellency for their relief.

I have the Honor to be,
With the greatest Esteem,
Your Excellency’s
Most Obedient,
Humble Servant,