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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Morris to Thomas Burke [Extract]
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806
April 26, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 303-304

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Philadelphia, April 26th, 1782.

“I consulted sometime ago with the Honorable Benjamin Hawkins respecting a proper person to be appointed Receiver of the Continental Taxes in your State, agreeable to the Act of Congress

-------------------- page 304 --------------------
of the 2nd of November last. Several difficulties occurred on account of the place of Residence and other circumstances relating to Gentlemen that were named, so that we did come to any positive conclusion, and as the instance between your State and this Office would require a length of time before I could know of a certainty whether acceptance took place on the part of those whom I might make the offer, I have determined to rest myself on your Patriotism and on the Personal Friendship with which I think myself honored, and in the confidence of your fixing this matter with some very proper Gentlemen, I enclose herewith a Blank Commission for the Receiver of the Continental Taxes in your State, also a special Power to receive the first Quarterly payment, together with the several Letters of Instructions, and also a Blank Bond for the faithful discharge of his duty. You will observe, my good Sir, that the Gentleman to be appointed should be a man of good Character, exact and regular in Business, Punctual in payments, honest and Honourable in his dealings, of some Political influence in the State, and the more acceptable he is to the people in general, the better; having made the choice and obtained his assent, you will fill the Commission and Special Power with his name, direct the instructions to him, and let him, with two or more sureties, execute the Bond in forty of fifty thousand dollars—which Bond, so executed, you will please to transmit to me as soon as convenient. I hope the Receiver so appointed will immediately apply himself to the Recovery of the first Quarterly payment, and that he will constantly meet with your aid and protection in the execution of his duty.”