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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to James Coor
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
August 02, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 386-387

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Salisbury, August 2nd, 1782.


Having received from Congress some Blank Commissions of Letters of Marque and reprisal against the Enemy, I have taken the liberty to enclose six to your care, together with the bonds necessary to be previously given the Captain, Master or owner or receiver of the same, as also the instructions of Congress to such persons on that subject. You will please to notify the Merchants and others in your District whom it may concern that you have such Commissions ready to be filled up and delivered by you to such complying with said requisition. I am told you are the Naval Officer of the Port to whom will belong the duty of inserting on the back of the clearance requisite to be undersigned by the Master and his Chief Mate—the description of the persons of the said Master and Chief Mate, &c., certified under your hand and Seal pursuant to a Resolve of Congress herewith enclosed, the first part of the Resolve respects

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the Governors, &c., granting Commissions for private vessels of war, for which I have not yet had an application. I would desire notwithstanding to put all that part of Maritime business on a Continental footing.

I enclosed some time ago a Blank Commission for a Superintendent of Commissary in your District to you and General Bryant; please to inform me who the Gentleman is that accepted of that appointment.

As the County Commissioner is appointed by Law to receive all public Stores in this County as a Quarter Master, you will please, should you continue in that Office, to receive from Van Shellebeck & Company all the Arms and Ammunition, &c., imported from the Marquis de Bretigny, of which you will please to favour me with a return. The arms I propose to remain in your District as a deposit for the Militia if there be not too great a proportion for the Arms in the other Districts, and a proportion of Ammunition to be drawn forth only in time of danger and alarm by the Brigadier General and returned at the end of the Service, the residue to be subject to further orders.

I know not the Gentleman who entrusted with the sales of Cornel’s House and Wharf, to raise monies to pay Delegates. You will please to inform him that it is requisite. I have a return of the amount of sales, and that I request him to send the same by the bearer, and how he has answered the Draughts I made on him in favour of Mr. Nash and Mr. Blount. You will please to inform me whether those Gentlemen have yet gone to Congress where a Delegation is much wanted from our State.

I am Sir,
Your most, &c.,