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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to Charles François Sevelinges, Marquis de Bretigny
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
August 17, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 395-396


Guilford, August 17th, 1782.


I am favoured with your letter from New Berne which announces to me your return from Martinique to this State, which I congratulate you upon.

I am sorry through the misfortunes and changes of the Executive of this State there has not been that attention paid to your agency at Martinique as was necessary.

Major Montflorence was charged last Winter with some of the supplies of New Berne District to be remitted to you—but by Messrs. Van Shellebeck & Company’s account they have received but little, owing, as it is said, to various accidents.

General Bryant, at present the Superintendent of Commissary of New Berne District, to whom you will please to present your account, after the Comptroller General has liquidated your accounts and balances, who is also authorized to deliver to your order specific supplies to the amount of the State debt.

I am sorry the cloths and Linen were not of a better quality that were sent from Martinique, as the Officers were to have them. They greatly repine that the State could afford no better, when it is so necessary that they should make a decent, Gentlemanlike appearance in their dress; however, such as they are, they wear them. I make not the least doubt but you procured such your interest nabled you to do, and upon the whole, it was a timely and necessary supply for the Officers.

I have written to Mr. Parsons in support of your agency, which you have enclosed, you will forward the same with expedition.

I wrote you at Martinique, by order of the General Assembly,

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enclosing a Resolve of thanks, with a request for your return. I know not whether you have received the Letter.

I am, Sir,
With much esteem,
Yours, &c.,