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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Nathanael Greene to Alexander Martin
Greene, Nathanael, 1742-1786
August 29, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 403-404

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Head Quarters,
August 29th, 1782.

Dear Sir:

I have your favour of the 9th before me. Most of your Militia Prisoners are enlarged. I believe not more than ten or twelve are in captivity. I shall get them all released if possible. I ordered down all the British Prisoners in the neighbourhood of Salisbury. I beg you will give Orders for forwarding the business if they are not already on the way.

I am glad to hear your men are fast collecting to the place of rendezvous. I cannot think there need be any difficulty between Col. Carrington’s Agent and your Commissioners. The Colonel’s Agent will receipt for all you deliver; as to the price that may be settled between you and the Financier.

If your State pays their Tax in Specific Articles the things ought

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to be as low as they could be got for the cash. Other States pay their money and it will be unequal for them to give an advance price to you from not furnishing your proportion of the tax. I think there can be little difficulty in the business, and therefore, recommend the delivery of the things for the use of the Troops. The State can not require anything but what is just, and the United States will not readily pay that.

If you have the receipts for the quantity you will be always secure as to a just settlement.

I am, Sir,
Your most obedt.,
Hum. Servt.,