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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Fenner to Jethro Sumner
Fenner, Robert, ca. 1755-1816
January 24, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 488-489


Halifax, January 24th, 1782.


You letter by Captain Faun, directed to Col. Davie, I have rec’d., and have assented at his solicitation and the Gov’s. to take charge of the Public State Store for a short time. None of the articles you mentioned are at present on hand except the Spirits and Sugar, nor do I know of the smallest probability of receiving any more of them except some Coffee. The greatest part of every kind of Stores in possession the Gov. has desired should be sent to Camp by Capt. Doherty, and positively directed that none be issued without his particular order. Your Waggon is now gone to Edenton to assist in bringing up some cloathing and other articles under the direction of Capt. Doherty, who will move off with cloathing and supplies for Camp immediately on his return, and if you are desirous of having a particular supply for your journey to the Southward, if you send an order for the quantity it shall be forwarded by your waggon.

Being informed you are without an Aide-de-Camp, I take liberty of offering you my services in that Capacity, but as I am extremely anxious to get some arrangement made of our arrearages of pay, I wish exceedingly to have the pleasure of seeing you that I might

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be acquainted with your opinion, whether (as a pay-master) I had better attend to that business or proceed to the Army.

I am, Sir, with the greatest respect,
Your very humbler Servant,
Capt. 2d N. C. Batl.