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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to Thomas Burke
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
January 31, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 493-495


Salem, Jan. 31st, 1782.


Out of this Subscription, and the Marquis of Bretigny’s Cargo at Halifax I have directed Colo. Davie to furnish the Officers of our Brigade now in service with Gen. Greene with as much Cloth

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as will make them a Suit of Clothes & a great Coat, as much Linnen as will make them 2 Coarse Shirts and 2 fine, 2 Coarse pr. of Stockings 2 fine. The above Articles intended as a present from the State, have not gone thro’ the Hands of the Quarter Master Col. Long, but Colo. Davie, and from him to Cap. Doherty Agent for the Brigade, who at present has Charge to deliver the same.

The Residue of the Goods are at Halifax in the possession of Col. Davie to be ordered out as occasion will require.

The Merchants in Consequence of their Tobacco released at Pitch Landing from Impressment subscribed to Colo. Murfree 30 Hogheads, which are not yet appropriated; but were intended to discharge part of a debt due Mr. Montfort at Halifax from Gen. Greene, and the Residue to be delivered to the Merchants at Edenton in part satisfaction for their Supplies.

Lieut. Col. Moore of Caswell is appointed Tobacco Agent for the State in the room of Major Tatom resigned, for Hillsboro District and Jesse Potts for Halifax. I know not what quantity they may have procured. Mr. Bignal procured an order for what Tobacco Maj. Tatem had on Hand to pay for Arms, Ammunition, &c., as Pr. his Letter herewith. Major Montflorence, one of Colo. Davie’s Assistants, hath orders to deliver to Van Schellebeck & Mailhol, Merchants in Newbern, and Factors for the Marquis of Bretigny what old pork is now at Kingston and other places in Newbern District to be shipped to Martinique in part Satisfaction of the Cargo he has sent in.

In Consequence of Gen. Greene’s Requisition for Cattle and other supplies I have directed Colo. Davie to levy a Contribution of 1000 Head of Cattle on Edenton District, the like Number of Cattle in Newbern and Wilmington Districts amounting to 3000, which the Comrs. are now collecting under the Aid of Generals Gregory, Caswell and Lillington, also 500 Barrels of pork, in Edenton District to make satisfaction to the Merchants for their supplies.

Since Col. Stewart’s arrival I have directed Docr. Cooley, at Edenton, Quarter Master, to deliver to Colo. Long for the use of the Southern Army 100 Bushels of Salt, 1 Hoghd. of Rum, 1 Hogsd. of French Brandy & 500 lb. of Sugar: to be by him forwarded by Water to George Town, which by small Boats may be easily effected, if kept a Secret from our enemies.

The State Troops will merit your particular Attention to draw

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men out to the Southern Army if practicable where they are wanted, and may render Service immediately. They amount to about 200 Horse and Foot now in Franklin under the command of the Baron De Glasbeck. Major Crofton & Lewis have not received their Commissions as I wish to have that Corps under Continental Officers if possible. There is a Charge against Major Crofton, which, if true, he ought, in my Opinion, to be dismissed the Service of employing the Men to take up Deserters and delinquents, and when taken to sell for large sums of Money certificates of their delivery to Continental Officers to such Militia Men as will purchase them to excuse them from a Tour of Duty. Gen. Person supports the Charge.

The above is a State of the Administration since your Absence which may require your Attention. I shall be ready at all Times to communicate to your Excellency any further information you may require.

I am with Respect yours Excellency’s most obedient humble Servant,
His Excellency Govr. Burke.