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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Nathanael Greene to Jethro Sumner
Greene, Nathanael, 1742-1786
February 02, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 497-498


Head Quarters, St. Paul’s Parish, Febr. 2nd, 1782.

Dear Sir:

The situation of our poor soldiers for the want of the overalls you went to get made up, is deplorable beyond description, and distressive above bearing. When you left us I was in hopes you would have got them to Camp long before this, otherwise I would have had the cloth brought on. What adds to my uneasiness is I have not heard from you for upwards of three months, and then

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nothing mentioned upon the main business you went upon. Certainly you cannot be unmindful of the obligation resting upon you to afford us relief as early as possible; and that the clothing is more wanted now, than it can be by and by, as the Winter is drawing to a close. I beg you will therefore forward all the overalls you have made up to the Army as fast as possible, and if you cannot get the cloth made up to send it on as it is.

Some time ago I sent Lt. Col. Stewart to the Assembly of your State to forward several pieces of business. You will please to aid it all in your power, during your stay at the Assembly. Major Dixon is much wanted at Camp.

Please to make inquiry after a number of Arms, sent into your State for our Army, which I can never hear of since. The Governor proposed to take them for the use of the Militia, but I would not give my consent. Nevertheless I fear they have been appropriated to that use; and we are now in the greatest distress for the want of them. Should you learn where they are please to have them forwarded.

When any officers are sent on with stores in charge, give them orders not to break in upon them let the necessity be ever so pressing. Captain Hall consumed almost all he had in charge, and delayed his march near as long again as he ought to. No stores will ever get to Camp if Officers are allowed to consume them on the road; nor will admit the custom be the practice what it may. There arises from the practice such a waste and abuse, as would exhaust the supplies of Europe. Captain Hall is under arrest, and will be broken up if he has justice done him or the public.

I am, Sir, your most obedt., humbl. Servt.,
Genl. Sumner.