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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Benjamin Seawell to Jethro Sumner
Seawell, Benjamin, 1741-1821
February 06, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 502-503


Ben(?)field, February 6th, 1782.

Dear General:

The day before yesterday a certain William Bowlins was apprehended and brought before me on suspicion of his having Procured himself a forged discharge from the Continental Service. He’s an inhabitant of Granville County and one of the 12 month’s drafts—was an Outlyer, & when taken was brought before you—you sent him on to the Southward. I think he informs me he left the Army at Harrisburg by Leave from Capt. McNease and was to join him again in a few days, but he never joined again, but says he followed after as far as Salisbury where he came up with a certain Colonel

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Johnson who discharged him. As I never knew of any such officer and the manner of discharge is dictated, I am induced to believe its a spurious one, therefore I sent him to Major Crafton where I had him confined under guards until I can hear from you respecting the Premises—for your satisfaction I’ve enclosed you the discharge. I shall be glad of your direction on this matter & how I am to dispose with him.

I am with
Great esteem &
Respect, Dr. Genl.,
Yr. mo. humble servt.,

N. B.—If you have news Pray write me what is current.