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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Margaret Gordon to Thomas Burke
Gordon, Margaret
February 07, 1782
Volume 16, Page 506


Wilmington, February 7th, 1782.


When the British abandoned Wilmington a Mr. Titley, who had been in copartnership with my late husband, Mr. Gordon, followed them and bore off with him all the books, notes, bonds & other Securities belonging to the Copartnership. By this means I have been deprived of collecting monies for the discharge of his just debts & the subsistence of my family. I can fall upon no expedient so effectual to obtain possession of them as to solicit him in person, and, therefore, I must request of you to grant me a flag & permission to go to Charlestown by water or land, when occasion shall offer, & to return as soon as I have transacted this business. May I further entreat your Excellency to grant me a security for the small property I shall leave until my return, the wreck of a considerable fortune and now a great part of the dependence of a most unfortunate Woman.

I am, Sir, with much respect,
Your Excellency’s Obt. Hum. Servt.,