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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Burke to Nathanael Greene
Burke, Thomas, ca. 1747-1783
February 15, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 510-511


Halifax, February 15th, 1782.


I wrote to you from Salem where we were not so fortunate as to make an Assembly. I convened our Council here, and they have Just finished their deliberations. The next Assembly will meet on the Second of April at Hillsboro, in the mean time the council have done everything in their power to Authorize me to take measures for Supplying the Exigencies of the Army under your Command, and you may be assured I will use every endeavour which my private or public Character is equal to for that purpose.

So soon as persons who are sent out on the service of Collecting Beeves shall be able to make me a Return which I have strenuously pressed, I shall inform you what Supplies you may rely on immediately and I shall take Effectual Measures for Compleating the Whole of your requisition; I know not whether you are informed of the measures taken by the Congress and Superintendent of Finances. I find a Specie Tax payable Quarterly, demanded of the States, and the Financier has proposed to anticipate it by bills to be Received in the Collection. I do not suppose that you will entirely rely for the Support of the Army under your Command, on such Expedients, nor do I mean to trust to the success of an untried measure of this Nature for the Supplies which you may want from this State, but in order to do justice to the State I must require such Warrants from you as will enable me to obtain Credit on our Quota for such Supplies as have been or shall be furnished. I only hint this to you now. When I can procure proper documents I will furnish you with a State of the deliveries which are to be Comprised under this mode of account, and I doubt not your Readiness to do everything to enable the State to obtain Credits for her exertions.

I perceive you will expect some supplies of West Indian Articles from this State. I do not find any Estimate of the quantites or kinds, such are necessary for us to Contract for them with the

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Merchants and you will probably deem it expedient to give Orders that they be transmitted.

I found on my arrival in the State that Several Persons had been Convicted by the Court of Justice for Treason, and some for other offences, three have been executed on the first of this month, four who are under Sentence of Death I propose pardoning on condition of their faithfully Serving Twelve Months in the Continental Service. I also propose to declare all who shall not choose to enter into Our Service, of such who have been in Arms against us, as Prisoners of war; all who do shall be regarded as restored Citizens. From these Measures you will probably derive some recruits, and we shall obtain an Equivalent to give for our citizens who are Languishing in Captivity. So soon as I can give particular details of what is important to know, I will send them to you. At present my Information is too Imperfect.

I am Sir with Very great Esteem and Regard,
Your Humble Servant,
Honble. Genl. Greene.